Kitchen management for higher profitability

Your complete solution for kitchen management.

Horeko Kitchen Management

Gain control over your bottom line. Good recipe costing with up-to-date pricing improves your profit. The Operator – our industrial-grade touchscreen PC – is the link between office and kitchen. Recipes and their costs are always available. Your HACCP is under control and your kitchen runs efficiently. Horeko Kitchen Manager optimises your business.

With the Trivec integration it’s possible to combine what you calculate with what you sell. The sales numbers are imported so that you can see how your dishes are performing through menu engineering.

Key Features

  • Manage your recipes and calculate your profit margins
  • Cost prices always up-to-date
  • Automatically see the allergens in a dish
  • Recipes always digitally available
  • HACCP tasks registered on time
  • Prep registration made easy on screen
  • Print expiration labels directly from the system

Integration with Trivec

Welcome to contact us, Trivec is easily integrated with Horeko solutions.