Kol & Cocktails

Agile invoicing via email thanks to Trivec’s integration with Fortnox

Kol & Coctails

Michael, Mattias, and Diana from Kol & Cocktails have all worked with Trivec for many years. It was the smart invoicing module in Fortnox that got them to take a closer look at the customized integration available between the systems. The module allows guests to be invoiced directly from the cash register system, smoothly via email.

We met Restaurant Manager Diana Mathisen, as well as Mattias Tornblad and Michael Fogelqvist, two of the three owners of Kol & Cocktails in Malmö and Helsingborg. The owners also operate Yoko Restaurant and the Restaurant at Rya Golf Club outside Helsingborg. The restaurants are popular, known for their good food and atmosphere, and attract not only private individuals but also many companies.

Fortnox streamlined invoicing

When the choice finally fell on the integration with Fortnox, they had been manually writing invoices in Word, a time-consuming and often administratively cumbersome task. With a digitized economic flow, they got an automated process.

Invoicing became very smooth. Parties that request to pay by invoice only provide the person listed in Trivec and Fortnox, and the invoice is then sent directly to that email address. Everything happens automatically, says Diana.

Automatic transfer to the finance department

Michael and Mattias add that the integration with Fortnox has saved a lot of time and money and significantly facilitated corporate invoicing.

What needs to be in place before the visit is that the customer group (the company) is registered as a customer group in Trivec and Fortnox, it’s all very easy, they say.

In addition to smooth invoicing, all numbers from Trivec’s cash register system are sent to the finance department, which compiles a report on the numbers each week or month depending on how you want it. They then handle the accounting with the help of the files from Trivec. There are two modules in the Fortnox integration, the invoicing module and the accounting module, and Kol & Cocktails uses both. No one needs to spend time calculating today’s sales after a busy work shift in the restaurant. All sales data is transferred and automatically assigned to the correct account code.

Simple, smooth, and easy to work with. Everyone who works with it understands it immediately, concludes Diana.